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About this Blog
This is 42blog's homepage. Here you'll find various news about the site itself as well as introductions about the news blogs that we host.



Blogs about life, the universe and everything.

2007-10-02 - 20:32:14

New blogs for October 2007

We're happy to welcome to this site two new blogs. One is called histoires and is from a prolific author who wishes to publish multiple stories...

The other is called dépanneur is about real life stories from a depanneur delivery man with a big heart.

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2007-07-05 - 17:24:34

Chasse Galerie

We're very happy to welcome our newest blog: Chasse Galerie.

This will be a regular story where people will be able to follow some very exiciting adventures. Stay tuned!

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2007-05-27 - 11:38:45

Two other new blogs

What a busy month. We're welcoming two other new sites from an author that just can't stop talking/writing. They are etcetera and it's English counterpart etc. We hope you'll enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed the previews we got.

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2007-05-18 - 15:48:16

A new blog

42blog.com is pleased to announce that we are hosting a new site called Strange Thoughts. I've already read a few texts and let me tell you that this guy spends time thinking about really bizarre subjects. Really worth exploring!

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2006-09-19 - 15:41:40

Blogs that we host

Welcome to 42blog, we hope you'll enjoy your visit here.

Here is a list of the blogs we are currently hosting. More will be added soon.

ADHD Blog (and Tourette's and Asperger's)
Some call it attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), others talk about being hyperactive. Here are the accounts of the life of a parent trying to help a child with ADHD.

Une table pour deux
Ce site offre des critiques honnêtes de restaurants de la région de Montréal et du reste du Québec. Nous nous adressons aux amateurs de bons restaurants en offrant non seulement des opinions sincères mais aussi des comparaisons entre certains restaurants d'une même chaîne, ainsi que d'autres petites informations pratiques.

A table for two
This site offers honest reviews of restaurants that can be found in the region of Montréal (and other places in the province of Québec). We're looking out for the lovers of good food by not only offering our sincere opinions but also by sometimes comparing various restaurants from the same chain and offering other practical information.

Les Éditions de La Noraye
Ce blogue est destiné aux gens qui aiment la littérature québécoise et la langue française. L‚auteur apprécierait particulièrement que les lecteurs qui connaissent ses livres lui fassent part de leurs commentaires pour qu‚il puisse échanger avec eux.

Have fun!

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